My name is Touraj Haji Khosravi. I am originally Persian, currently living and studying in Denmark. I graduated fromThe Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, with a Bachelor of Character Animation. Currently I am studying The Directing Line in Animation, at The Danish National Film school in Copenhagen.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saviour of Asgard

Saviour of Asgard is a tablet game which is inspired from Norse mythology ! 
I had this opportunity to work and develop this project as a director / art director for almost a semester. the concept arts for different levels and character designs for the actual game was my task to accomplish during the pre-production time. attached pictures underneath this text shows also some of the main character moves, the way he supposed to act and fight during the game. 
The final game/product is done in 6 weeks as a student project/ Dadiu project ( The national academy of digital interactive entertainment )  with a talented group of danish students from all over Denmark. 
The game is available here :

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  1. hello. im a big fans of this game. i have one question for you. now im still stuck on level 6. i think level 6 is a never ending arena, because i've never reaching the end of that level. Is it the original design or what? thankyou :)