My name is Touraj Haji Khosravi. I am originally Persian, currently living and studying in Denmark. I graduated fromThe Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, with a Bachelor of Character Animation. Currently I am studying The Directing Line in Animation, at The Danish National Film school in Copenhagen.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final Animatic of " world of lost things " with sound & music .

Final animatic with sound from TOURAJ KH on Vimeo.

Here is an animatic for the project that i worked on ( spring of 2013 ) in the Danish film school .
The animatic is about the time that a little girl called Molly enters in the land of lost things. she is there to find her lost little brother. Shortly after her arriving  she hears some strange sounds from behind piles of lost objects and that scares her off. A big shadow starts chasing her and she tries to find a path to run from it. she finds a way out of the cave that she has entered but soon she finds out that, that scary shadow was just a little teddy bear and that is actually her old teddy bear that had been lost some years ago !
I had this chance to work with some talented students. which some of their names are listed below 

Sarah Gampel who wrote the script , Catrine Le dous & Henriette L√łnn Jenssen who worked and composed the music and the sound effects.

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