My name is Touraj Haji Khosravi. I am originally Persian, currently living and studying in Denmark. I graduated fromThe Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, with a Bachelor of Character Animation. Currently I am studying The Directing Line in Animation, at The Danish National Film school in Copenhagen.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

 "Porkolicious" is a short musical animation which is directed by me and produced in the national film school of Denmark. This movie was my 1st experience in the field of making a musical. I have been always passionate about this genre and i found this opportunity during my education to experience it and see how does it work and how is the process of making such thing. It has been a long and fast forward journey since the 1st raw idea sparkled up in my head and afterwards starting writing it with Thomas Porsager and interpreting the script into music and lyrics by a talented composer, song writer Mathias Madsen Munch. It has been a crucial period involved with lots of iterations and changes, script wise and music wise but the result has received sweet feedback from the audience in and out the Danish film school. Unfortunately for some reasons i'm not allowed to upload the entire movie in social media but there are some parts of it as animatic and final output and also a video of making its music from the 1st sketch with piano and final recording with an orchestra in Budapest. names of the creative artists behind this project can be found in the beginning of each uploaded video. Hope you enjoy it. :) 

A Glimpse of Porkolicious #2

drops of blood-blog from TOURAJ KH on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saviour of Asgard

Saviour of Asgard is a tablet game which is inspired from Norse mythology ! 
I had this opportunity to work and develop this project as a director / art director for almost a semester. the concept arts for different levels and character designs for the actual game was my task to accomplish during the pre-production time. attached pictures underneath this text shows also some of the main character moves, the way he supposed to act and fight during the game. 
The final game/product is done in 6 weeks as a student project/ Dadiu project ( The national academy of digital interactive entertainment )  with a talented group of danish students from all over Denmark. 
The game is available here :